How strange, the items have been for sale for two weeks, and suddenly three people want them on the same day. Perhaps I should raise the prices? (But I won't) :-) To keep things fair, I'll let them go in the order that people responded: First Joachim (shopping list on line), then Daan who wants the ...
Actually, I'm moving back to Canberra soon which is why everything is for sale (Some bikes will be put up for sale soon too). We just don't need 'Dutch-grade' locks over there, the Ozzie thieves are too lazy to ride bikes! Currently everything is in Amsterdam so the postage is not too bad... :-) Hah...
Hoi Jewy,

ja, ik heb ze nog.

Groeten, Treval
Jewy schreef:Ik heb nog wel interesse in de pompen en enkele sloten. Heb je ze toevallig nog?

Alvast bedankt!
Hi Janneke, that's great news. Thank you! A PB with my contact details is on it's way... Groeten, Trevor Dear Treval, We would love to host a fellow cyclist. We live in the east-side of amsterdam, near the oosterpark. We have an active warmshowers-account: maybe you can look us up there and get in c...
Hi all,

I am urgently trying to find accommodation (a couch to sleep on or somewhere to pitch his tent is fine) for a visiting Canadian cyclist. This is for TOMORROW (Friday 29 June) evening.

Ideally somewhere in or close to Amsterdam.

Can anyone help?

hub schreef:Nieuwe foto's van m'n ros
A really beautiful bike!
Wimmert, I must say I'm rather surprised at your message. I've used it extensively and it has never crashed once. It also updates automatically from ASUS and currently has the latest release of Android installed, without any problems at all. Perhaps the 'hackers' on are referring to a d...
Very portable laptop, ideal for cycling trips. 10" screen, 2GB ram, 160GB HDD. Complete with charger.

Has a few scratches etc but still works well.

EUR 140


Specifications here: ... h-wit.html
Complete with keyboard & charger. Upgraded to latest Android version 4 ICS. Good condition.

EUR: 250


Specifications here: ... mer_TF101/
Eureka Autumn Breeze lightweight 2-person tent: EUR 50 Walkstool portable campling stool: EUR 40 Pans are sold... Stainless steel thermos flask: EUR 5 (Ortl...
Extreme chain-wrench: EUR 5 Pumps + bells: EUR 10 AXA locks + 2 keys: EUR 15 AXA Chain lock + 2 keys: EUR 15
Shimano Alfine 170mm crank (Hollowtech 2) (UNUSED): EUR 20

Shimano SM-BB70 bottom bracket * 3: EUR 5

Walkie Talkie (NEW): EUR 20

Rohloff internal gear change cable + TS OEM2 Axle plate EUR 20

Try this: Very rugged, long enough for 200cm+, not heavy and packs small. It's for two people but at least there is space for your bags & stuff if the weather is bad. And who knows, perhaps you meet 'someone special' ...
Something like this might be the go: ... a=ltm&z=11

I'll let you know how it goes - we are cycling the R1 from Enschede starting on Wednesday.
Voor mensen die iets zelf willen maken:

Doet het prima met een SON naaf.
Gelukkig vond iemand de kleuren wel leuk... Dus: verkocht! :-)
De prijs komt tot stand op het snijpunt van de vraag en aanbod curves. In het voorjaar verschuift de vraagcurve omdat de mensen dan ineens weer zin krijgen. Dan worden fietsen dus duurder. Dat is de theorie. Ik geloof niet dat iemand het ooit empirisch heeft onderzocht. Dat zou nu eens wel een leuk...