Regels grensovergang China naar Kirgizië veranderd !!

APRIL 12, 2012

Attention: All cyclists crossing FROM China to Kyrgyzstan

As of January 2012, you must get your Passport Exit Stamp approximately 160 km East of the China border. The city is called “Wuqia” and you must go through the Exit/Entry Station. This is for cyclists crossing FROM China to Kyrgyzstan.

If you arrive at the border without your Exit stamp, there is NO alternative but to return the 160km. The roads have been reported as patchy but I would report that they are some of the worst road conditions I have experienced. This was late winter/early spring with snow, morning ice, mud, iced mud, and roads being flooded out because of the melt. They are currently “working” on a new highway. When I say “working” it means everything has been torn up and some patches completed but I didn’t see ONE PERSON working on it during the week out there.
Wonderful camping opportunities, safe, and sparse population…and hundreds of wild camels.

Please pass this information along to others and repost on as many sites as possible.
The crossing is also closed on the weekends and there is very little to purchase in regards to supplies at the border. I suggest that you stock up on 7 days worth of supplies in Wuqia. This should get you to Sary-Tash Kyrgyzstan if the weather is GOOD. If the weather is bad, the Tajik truck drivers coming from Sary-Tash will give you breads, cookies, cans of tuna, or whatever they have in their truck. You won’t starve…but BE PREPARED.

Bron Eleanor Moseman : ... yrgyzstan/
Afstand Wuqia naar grens is 150km. Nu is het al weer een tijdje geleden dat ik hier gefietst heb, maar toentertijd was het de beste weg waar ik ooit op gefietst heb! Raar dat dat ineens zo veranderd.

Ook het advies om voor 7 dagen voorraad in te slaan is erg overdreven. Het is tenslotte maar 224km van Wuqia naar Sary Tash en dat is best in drie dagen te doen. Zelfs mét slechte wegen. En ook in Ulugqat, 95 km ná Wuqia, kun je nog gewoon boodschappen doen en zijn er verschillende restaurantjes. En ook aan de Chinese kant van de grens heb je kleine winkeltjes...

Ik vind het maar een zwaar overdreven en dikdoenerig verhaal ! :shock: