Documentaire(s) over fietsen

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The Bike Brothers - Jack, Ken and Norman Taylor

Equinox - Bicycle (1989)

How a Bicycle is Made (1945)

Framed for Success - The Wester Ross documentary video

Gazelle fietsfabriek 1925

Panasonic PICS Informational Video

This film celebrates the work of renowned steel-frame builder Dario Pegoretti

Inspired by Johann Museeuw's Paris-Roubaix wins

A Sunday in Hell (1976)
Al met heel veel plezier een paar documentaires zitten kijken! Dank voor de links
Darrell McCulloch - Framebuilder (Llewellyn)

Tom Ritchey’s 40-Year Ride
Hack Bike Derby
17 frame builders racing home hacked Klunkers over a rain & fire filled weekend in Somerset. This year, the first year, the theme is klunkers; the original Mountain Bikes as raced from around 1976 in California, USA.
All builders were given the same brief; builders must race the bike they have built, stock car rules apply, all bikes must conform to the event rules:
- Frame and forks must be made by the rider from steel, specifically for this event.
- The bike must be made cheaply (under £300, all in)
- Dropouts must be made (“hacked”) by the rider
- Basically - no expensive paint jobs!
- All bikes must use the same tyres (and hence wheel size)
- The bikes must also be built according to this year's brief; 1 x gear, 2 x brakes (1 x front + 1 x rear, no hydraulic or disk, ideally not V brakes), and the bike must look like a klunker.

Gewoon de 6 euro betalen om te mogen kijken, krijg je geen spijt van.

1- Extreme sport met een fiets smaak
2- Inzicht in hoe gastvrij onze Amerikaans vrienden zijn
3- Een winnaar die een paar dagen blijft om een hand de geven aan zijn collega's

Prachtig 8)
Trailer - Mountain Biking The Untold British Story

Find out more about our documentary project and get involved yourself in helping us make it here ... sh-story#/

Lijkt me een mooie, binnenkort eens kijken. Ride the Divide is ook een tip!
Nog op mijn wensen lijst....Maar een maand vrij nemen in onze zomer is lastig voor me. En de 100 jaar trainen ook :shock:
Mooie uitdaging is dat Shane.

Summer bikepacking trip from Sweden through Norway to Oslo…
Voor ondertiteling: Instellingen -> Ondertiteling -> Japans ->Automatisch vertalen -> b.v. Engels

C.S. Hirose - tandem

16 delen




Stars and Watercarriers Leth (1974)

The Impossible Hour - Ole Ritter
Mooie trail.

Highland Trail Race 550 (550 mile route through the Highlands of Scotland)


Mountain Bothies Association:
Mark Beaumont; The Man Who Cycled The Americas.

Iets anders dit keer; podcasts. Erg Amerikaans. :wink:
Paul Component/ Oddity cycles/ Chris King/ Black Sheep/ and others. ... ike?page=1

Video is te huur of te koop via:
NL Braun
“Buy the nicest, most supple tires you can afford; and buy them in the widest width that you can fit in your frame.”

That is Joshua Poertner’s summary of a panel discussion on Joshua used to be the president of Zipp, the makers of super-fast aero wheels, and he did a lot of research on how to make your bike faster.

The panel included Joshua, cycling journalist James Huang, and me, with Elden Nelson (who runs the blog “The Fat Cyclist”) moderating. The goal was to explain the science behind the current trend toward wider tires to an audience of racers and performance riders, who want to understand how to make their bikes faster.

- Jan Heine

Podcast. ... pressures/
Bombtrack - A Journey Beyond

Marc Maurer fietst naar Teheran.
Plaatjes, muziekje, flow, inspiratie, alles! Ik geloof dat ik m al zeker 10x gezien heb.